We manufactured opportunity

Goblaq is modernizing how Black people gain access to opportunity and resources.

How Goblaq Works

Goblaq leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a user experience like no other!

Goblaq matches black professionals and provides 1:1 video user experience to personalize networking.

Goblaq host a series of professional and educational presentations in person and virtually designed to help black professionals capitalize on expanding their network and building business value.


Tell us all about your background, interest, and goals.


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Our Mission

We aim to address the lack of resources and opportunity by leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial Intelligence to churn through user’s data across private And public domains to produce curated connections.

Goblaq is building a future where the black Community can share meaningful resources and information with each other.



March 9 | 5:00 pm

Meet our thoughtful leaders, influencers and subject matter expert.

If you would like to speak at the 2022 Impact webinar or know someone that will be interested in speaking, please email us at events@goblaq.com and we’ll follow up with you.

Tyra Gibson

Financial Advisor / Merrill Lynch

Iyanu Odebode

Crypto Developer / Zeitos

Nike Famojuro

Productivity Strategist / Momleader

Dustin Kemp

Student Advisor / Texas A&M University

We are what Linkedin should have been